Hair by Alison - Let the hairdresser come to you in the comfort of your own home!
Styling                                       Colouring
Lady's cut                                    £16           Tint for short hair                                     £24
Short hair blow dry                      £17           Tint for long hair                                       £26-30
Short cut and blow dry                 £24           Semi permanent                                        £26-30
Long blow dry                              £18           Foil highlights for short hair, full head        £45
Long blow dry with curls               £19-20      Foil highlights for short hair, half head       £40
Long cut and blow dry                  £26-30      Foil highlights for long hair, full head         £55
Hair tonged with straighteners      £20           Foil highlights for long hair, half head        £50
Shampoo and set                          £17           Top section highlights                               £25
Shampoo, cut and set                   £24           Individual highlights                                 £1 each
                                                                  Toner                                                       £5
                                                                   Conditioning treatment                            £15
Gent's cut                                    £13 
Child cut
(0 - 3yrs)                                      £4
(3- 11yrs)                                     £8
Child's blow dry                            £8
Child's cut and blow dry                £15
 Perm                                            £36
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